How to redirect subdomain to counter strike server with DNS

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The setup:

  • You have a CS server installed at home, on your PC.
  • You have a dynamic DNS client installed on your PC or your router: points to your PC.
  • You own a domain:
  • You want to have a subdomain that people can use to connect to your Counter Strike server.

If your webhost is worth any money, in control panel (cpanel), you will have access to „Simple DNS Zone Editor” or „Advanced DNS Zone Editor”. There add this configuration to it:

Please note that you don’t create the subdomain with cpanel/Subdomains utility. You just add the CNAME record. CNAME means cannonical name and our record informs the DNS system that the cannonical name for is

Note also that the name is (with a dot at the end). This is how cpanel corrected my input.

The TTL is the default value. I put the same value that cpanel used for my other subdomains.

You will have to wait until the new record is propagated in the DNS system. First time, I had to wait 24h. Second time it worked immediately. Depends on your synchronization with the DNS system.

It will work for any games, not only Counter Strike or HL mods.

Have fun! – CS 1.6 – Respawn – Steam only


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