Automatically connect a PPPoE connection on login in Windows 7 [SOLVED]

win7 internet options conectare automata pppoe

How to automatically connect a PPPoE connection on login. Even if you selected Connect automatically when you dialed your PPPoE connection, next time when you login it will not connect automatically; a Dial-up window will appear but you still have to manually click Connect to dial the connection.

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This method does not require additional programs and you don’t have to create shortcuts in Startup folder.

Follow these steps:

Deactivate the prompt…

path: Start / Control Panel / Network and Internet / Network and sharing center / Change adapter settings (left top)/ right click the PPPoE connection (RDS) / Properties / Options tab:

  • Uncheck Prompt for name and password, certificate, etc.., click OK (see image below).
  • Check to see that you PPPoE connection is the default one: right click on your connection (RDS), Set as default. A green check will appear on the default connection.
  • Optional: uncheck Display progress while connecting (fewer windows will flash on the screen when the connection is dialed).

    win7 proprietati conexiune pppoe


Make Windows 7 automatically dial you PPPoE connection

path: Start / Control Panel / Network and Internet / Internet Options / Connections tab

  • Select your PPPoE connection (see image below).
  • Select Dial whenever a network connection is not present. Option Always dial my default connection does not work. It seems win 7 forgets which is the default connection.
  • Click Set default if button is active. The default connection should be displayed next to the field Current.
  • Click OK.

win7 internet options conectare automata pppoe


Test connection

To test that your connection is automatically dialed you do not need to restart your pc. Just Log off, Log in. The connection should be dialed automatically.

Let me know if it worked for you!

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    1. interesant. Nu stiu de ce iti apare asa. Ce sistem de operare ai? ai incercat sa dai clic pe RDS sa vezi daca iti apar optiunile?

  1. Buna, solutia nu pare sa fie completa:

    „On any Windows 7 this simple procedure should work:

    Open startup folder.
    Create new text document.
    Type Start Rasdial connectionname username password – e.g: Start rasdial cucunet john john123.
    Change extension to BAT (delete .txt extension and replace with .bat).

    I don’t recommend to use Broadband Connection as the connection name; just rename your connection to a one word name like Broadband or Mynet or RDS :)” , answered by g2mk,

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