Best mousepad ever!

I was looking for a mousepad that will be more durable than what you can usually find in stores. Also it had to be a little heavy so it will not move under the mouse. After a little brainstorming I’ve found the solution: a custom sized HDF (High Density Fibreboard) bought from Hornbach.

This mousepad is better in every aspect than a traditional mousepad:

– heavy enough so it won’t move (better than textile mousepads, same as an expensive gaming mousepad).

– cut to custom size. This store offers a cutting service so you can order your mousepad on any size you like.

– cheap. Really cheap: 0.35€ (0.49$). Same price as the cheapest textile mousepad I could find but a lot better. (that cheap textile mousepad only lasted two weeks after it developed fluff)

– very slippery. This board has one side treated with some kind of glossy finish. Put some furniture wax-based cleaner on it and it will be very slippery indeed. Also, my board was a little bent (all are the same because they are so thin). This furniture product helped to straighten it out. Jut put some on both sides and let it rest overnight with the belly upside and the mouse on it. In the morning you will have a perfect mousepad.

– variable thickness. You can choose from a variety of thicknesses from 2mm and up. Mine is 4 mm thick so a little less than a textile mousepad.

– multiple colors. If you are lucky you will find several colors to choose from in the store. Choose something similar with your desk’s color, or don’t!

– durable! I expect it to last forever!

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