Okta Verify how to change phones

If you have your Okta Verify app installed on your old phone and you want to add the same account on a new phone follow these steps:

  • you have to remove the account from your old phone first
  • open Okta on your laptop or desktop and set up Okta Verify again

How to remove Okta account from old phone

  • open Okta Verify app
  • tap account name
  • tap Remove account

How to setup Okta Verify on new device

  • download Okta Verify from store
  • open app and tap Add account
  • tap Organization
  • tap Yes, ready to scan
  • Open Okta website on your laptop or desktop
  • On top-right, tap your account name and then Settings
  • Under Extra Verification section tap Set up. You will see a QR code
  • Go back to the app and scan it

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