E-twow Scooter noise problem

If you just found out that your electric E-twow electric scooter is much more noisier than an electric scooter should be, then here is the solution to that problem.

The scooter has very silent motor. And the back suspenssion is noise proofed with a lot of rubber pieces placed in all the right spots.

The noise comes from a bolt mounted in the rear fender. It’s the bolt that will latch the hook on the steering column, when the scooter is folded. This bolt has a little play and when you go over uneven surfaces it will tend to rattle and make a lot of noise.

You can fix the problem by putting a rubber band around the bolt. This should stop the rattle. You can also try to glue the bolt to the fender.

After you fix this, you will notice that the scooter is trully silent, as should an electric scooter be.

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