Counter Strike – hijacked key-bindings: bind „c” bind „v” bind „z”[SOLVED]

Sometimes, when you play on some CS servers  (some say, especially from Romania) the key-bindings could be hijacked.

If you go to your config.cfg file („c:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappsusercounter-strikecstrikeconfig.cfg”) and open it, you will see something like:

bind "c" "connect"
bind "c" "say"

Every time you hit „c” it will redirect you to some server or you will spam the server with some other server’s address. Likely to get a ban for this.

What you have to do is to edit the file config.cfg:

bind "c" "radio3"

Now if you try to play again, it will be reverted back to the redirect or spam message. This is done through some custom models that your game downloaded from the obnoxious cs server when you played there and that are now loaded every time you connect to a server.

Now go to „c:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappsusercounter-strikecstrikemodels”:

There you will see the custom models:

Just move these in some temporary folder and launch the game again. Then check the bindings for „c” (either in game or in the config.cfg file). If they were changed back then there are some other models in there that hijack the bindings. Move one at a time till the binding remains unchanged.


Have fun!


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